The internet usage has been increasing day-by-day. Nowadays, most of the people are accessing the internet on their computer, smartphones via Wireless Router or internet connection. In order to connect the device to the router, you must and should have a router IP address. Many of the software and network companies use as a default IP address.

People have to know that they can access the router only through the prescribed IP address. So, one has to know about the IP address clearly and has to remember that, for each router model, there will be a default IP address such as or

But sometimes, these IP addresses might become problematic, where internet connection will not be stable. Don’t worry for every issue there is a solution. If you come across that router IP address issue, just try to access the router with the IP address. This will be used by most of the network and software companies for a modern router such as  3com Office Connect, Westell, Billion ADSL and much more.

Use of IP Address:

Generally, for most of all the modems and routers, people use a default IP address such as or at the house or at the office. But there will be a problem if that IP address doesn’t access your router as well. In such conditions, you can use IP Address which helps you to access the router and also repairs the new devices which are not accessed by the default IP address.

Through this IP address, You can easily access the router without any hassle and your problem will be solved easily in less time. However, have you ever noticed the difference between the default address and this IP address? The only difference in both of the IP address is last three digits.

One has to remember that this codes are always private IP Address, which means that this IP address is only applicable for IPv4 address but not for IPv6 address. So before accessing the IP address, make sure to check your address without fail, or else it will not connect to your router.

Apart from this, the IP address is mostly used for the large number of routers namely ADSL and cable modems. This default IP address is mostly used by the modern routers namely:

  • Alcatel ADSL Modems
  • Thompson ADSL routers
  • Westell ADSL Modems
  • 3Com routers
  • ADSL billions of routers
  • SRW2023 Linksys switches
  • 2Wire routers
  • TP-Link routers
  • Motorola or Cayman Netopia Internet gateways

How to Access Wireless Router Using

Those who are problem is accessing their router using the default IP address, then you are on the right platform. Here in this post, we have furnished the simple steps to set up the wireless router if it is not working with the default IP address on your computer. In order to access the IP address, you need to follow below-enlisted steps carefully.

  • If you are using the IP address of your router, then first of all, open the browser on your computer or PC.
  • Next type the address in your address bar and then click on enter.
  • Then it will ask you to enter your username and password. Check your router manual and enter the correct username and password of the router in the provided fields.
  • That’s it. Now you are ready to access the router connection and enjoy the high speed internet.

What to Do if is not Working?

Most of the people might come across this problem even after typing the default IP address in their browser. If you are the one who facing this problem, then check out the below mentioned information.

  • First of all, check that you entered the IP address correctly or not.
  • Sometimes you may come across the problem, if you type https:// before the router IP address. In that case, try without typing that.
  • Always remember that while you are using the default IP address, you have to check whether the firewall is disabled or not. If it is enabled, make sure to disable it before using the default IP address.
  • If the router is a wired cable, then check the connection between computer and router before accessing.
  • Then try to reset the router once or reset the computer.
  • If not, you can reset the local area network connection.


Hope you guys got enough information regarding IP address. If you are facing the router problem, then check out the above-furnished steps to access the router using the default IP address and If you still facing the default IP address not working problem, just try the above steps.

If you have any queries, just drop them in the comment box below.